Life Lessons Learned Through Fundraising

Fundraising is an artform, that when carried out correctly, can hold a lot of valuable lessons and principles that can be applied throughout the rest of one’s life. These life lessons are from the initial reason for needing to raise funds, to the discussions about which products to use, what price point fits the demographic, what type of person is being sold to, where is the selling taking place, and simply how all these things affect the amount of profit the group earns. These are all important discussions to have prior to kicking off your fundraiser. Contacting a knowledgeable fundraising distributor can be an important piece to completing this puzzle. Most of them have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of other groups navigate these same decisions. They are experts in helping schools, groups and organizations raise the most amount of funds possible. Make sure you listen to their advice and suggestions!

One of the life-long valuable lessons learned through fundraising is the art of explaining your cause, painting a picture of your objectives, and asking a potential supporter for their assistance in helping you reach these goals. Most of these kids will grow up, enter the workforce and get a job that offers a good or service in return for some form of payment. Being able to communicate with others, explain your good or service, show how having your good or service will benefit the potential customer, and follow through with a closing ask for purchase, aka ‘closing the deal’ will be a valuable skillset to have.

Money management.

Another lesson learned through fundraising is money management. Let’s take a Chocolate Bar Fundraiser for example. Each member is sent home with 1 box of chocolate bars, which contains 60 individually wrapped bars. They are responsible for selling each bar for $1 and returning an empty box with $60 in cash or checks.  The school or organization buys the box of bars at a certain price and is dependent on the members selling all 60 bars and returning the full $60 in order to make the profit needed for their organization.

Teamwork and organization.

There are many other lessons and principles that can be learned through fundraising. A few of them are personal responsibility, teamwork, organization, timeliness, staying on task and many more. So, if you are considering a fundraiser and are worried about the time and effort needed to make it successful, I encourage you to focus on 2 things: 1) the cause you are raising funds for and 2) the positive life-long lessons that will be taught and learned through carrying out this fundraiser.

Please consider Van Wyk Confections for your fundraising efforts. Our chocolate bars, pretzel rods/twists, fortune cookies, gummies and popcorn are the top fundraising items for schools, groups and organizations. All our confectionery items provide top quality, fresh product that sells quickly and easily!

Contact us today and we will have a Van Wyk Confections sales representative discuss pricing, profit percentages, recommended quantities needed, minimums and other helpful tools. Thanks for your interest!

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