Spring is the NEW Back-to-School Fundraising Season

Kids across America are putting on masks and backpacks and heading back to school this spring as the country continues hopes to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the past year, families, school administrators and teachers were thrown into the reality of cancelling in-person classes and scrambling to plan remote learning. The rapid increase in vaccinations pushes the back-to-school moment into uncharted territory. It’s a lot to adjust to.

A recent announcement from CDC Director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, has stated that all schools should be fully re-opened and return to class by this fall.

As more and more school districts across the country welcome students back to campus for in-person instruction this spring, the big hurdle before summer will be potential Covid-19 outbreaks. At this point, all U.S. teachers are eligible to be vaccinated, either through their state’s prioritization plan or through a federal pharmacy program.

Schools Around the Country are Reopening

In the year since school buildings in all 50 states closed their doors to combat the spread of Covid-19, the picture around the country has changed dramatically. Today, most districts are offering in-person learning, at least some of the time.

In a March survey, CRPE found that 57.1 percent of districts were offering full-time in-person school, up from 47.3 percent in November. An additional 20.6 percent of districts were using hybrid schedules, and 10.7 percent were fully remote.

Annual Fundraising for Schools and Groups Makes a Big Impact

Because of Covid-19, many schools were unable to host their annual fall or spring fundraising events. Schools and groups are scrambling to keep the same experiences for the kids and make those possible with limited fundraising opportunities.

There is a greater need for fundraising within schools more than ever. Schools hope to raise just as much money now as in years past. Money raised typically go towards next year’s increased tuition costs, outdoor campus improvements, enrichment programs, teacher projects, classroom and recreational equipment needs, school socials, STEAM nights, art shows, talent shows, field trips, playground equipment, virtual or remote learning costs, COVID-19 PPE supplies, as well as countless other items.

Typically, PTOs and PTAs would be finalizing plans for upcoming fall fundraisers. However, many organizations are looking for immediate fundraising opportunities before the end of the school year.

There are countless fundraising options that are Covid-19 friendly. Many are safe, socially distanced; virtual or touchless fundraising events including crowd funding, coupon books, discount cards, cookie dough sales, popcorn, fruit snacks, beef jerky, spirit wear and apparel, drinkware or tumblers, raffles, traditional brochure or catalogue fundraising, unique community donating, walk-a-thons, jog-a-thon or pledges. Schools can also coordinate safe distribution for traditional fundraising products such as ONE DOLLAR BARS, Sweet & Salty Pretzel RODS or Famous Fortune Cookies.

Van Wyk Confections has resumed working with all sorts of groups and the demand is increasing. Groups such as PTO, PTA, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, bands, soccer, cheer, dance, baseball, football, basketball, lacrosse, private clubs and leagues are all searching for easy fundraisers.

Fundraising during a pandemic make things a little more difficult, but the good news is there are plenty of fundraising options that will work for schools this springs season or next fall. Safe fundraising will need to include masking up, staying a safe distance away from others and hand washing.

Please consider Van Wyk Confections for your fundraising efforts. Our chocolate bars, pretzel rods, fortune cookies, gummies and popcorn are the top fundraising items for schools, groups and organizations. Our fundraising products are delicious, fresh and easy to sell quickly.

Contact us today and we will have a Van Wyk Confections sales representative reach out to discuss pricing, profit percentages, recommended quantities needed, minimums and other helpful tools. We are here to help you reach your fundraising goals. Call us at 888.465.5141. Happy fundraising!

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