Did you know that reading a positive statement each day will make you more optimistic and less stressed? In today’s world, the pressures and anxiety can weigh heavily on students and adults alike. Van Wyk Confections created a positive, inspirational fundraising product that can bring light to a sometimes-negative world. Introducing the Famous Fortune Cookies. Mark Van Wyk wanted to make a difference, and his team worked diligently coming up with phrases for inside the cookie. Not only are they delicious, the message inside is what makes them special. 

The Story of Fundraising for a First Grade Class

Mrs. Melkonian, a first-grade teacher in Oklahoma, was excited to introduce the Famous Fortune Cookies to her classroom and observe the experience from her students. She was given a carrier of 60 fortune cookies and had her students sit in a large circle to engage with each other. She let her students pick two cookies each. One by one they broke their cookies open and read their “fortunes”. Now these are not your typical fortunes inside. Inside each cookie is a positively crafted statement. They are encouraging, inspirational, funny, feel good phrases. 

Each student took turns and read their statement out loud. Mrs. Melkonian was surprised at how fitting some of the fortunes were for each kid. The comedian of the class happened to get one of the joke phrases. “Q: Why is Peter Pan always flying? A: He Neverlands.” The class laughed out loud and he thought that was the best thing ever. Another student opened one that read “You are amazing just the way you are.”  She said he felt so special and so loved; it was exactly what he needed to hear that day. 

The student’s feedback from this group activity was all positive. The kids enjoyed the game and felt appreciated and loved. Here are a few quotes from the 6- and 7-year old students in Mrs. Melkonian’s class:

“I like how colorful they are.”

“So this fortune means you can always change the world?!”

“My fortune can be our goal for today!”

“I’m never going to forget this moment.”

“Wow, these are so good!”

“Can we have these every day?”

“I can’t believe these have chocolate on them!”

“I’m lucky because I had a joke in my fortune cookie.”

“I love the way it tastes!”

“This is so great! Can I have 2 more to take home to my brother and sister?”

“I’m never throwing this fortune away.”

“I’m going to take this fortune home for my mom.” 

“Oh my gosh, the birthday cake is the BEST!”

“These are so nice.”

“The best part is reading what’s inside. I love them!”

Innovative Fundraising

After months of product development, this exciting fundraising item is in the marketplace across the country. “This product brings light and joy to people, especially among kids of all ages,” says Seth Van Wyk, sales director at Van Wyk Confections. The excitement of this product is unparalleled to any other. Positive fundraising is on the rise. 


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