Best Fundraising Products for Fall

Although there will be many fundraising options to choose from, it will be important to consider a few key factors when making your decision about which Fundraiser to do this Fall. In order to keep participation levels high and profits even higher, you will want to limit the number of fundraisers to about 2 or 3 for the Fall Season. This will allow you to keep the momentum of the sale up and prevent burn out from both the members of your group, and the parents.

The next decision you will need to consider is what product you want to sell, and what retail price point will be best for your demographic. There are pros and cons to each.

Choosing a product that can be sold for $1 or $2 is beneficial for several reasons. Let’s say your student or member is given a box of Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Dipped Pretzel RODS, or Famous Fortune Cookies.  A lot of these can be sold to other classmates, since most kids have a dollar, enjoy snacks, and like to help support a good cause. If your group were going to try and sell products for $10, $15 or $20, most of these sales would not be to other classmates. These sales would likely be made at home to friends or family, or from a parent taking them to their place of business. At a $1 price point, everyone is willing to support your fundraiser!

$1 Items are So Easy to Sell!

All the $1 items from Van Wyk Confections have a High Perceived Value. What do we mean by this? Well, we know that a portion of all sales in fundraising goes directly to the group. This means a product is marked up and re-sold so the group can earn 40-50% profit. Sometimes an item that you can find in a grocery store for $2, is being sold in fundraising for $10 and does not hold a high perceived value because of this.  However, all our $1 items, would generally be sold in stores for around $1 also, which gives them the high perceived value. A friend or neighbor who was already going to purchase candy or snacks from the store, would be getting an equivalent value in purchasing one of our $1 products.

Typical group profits are 40-50% on $1 item sales, and generally speaking, selling $1 items usually takes less effort and is the easiest fundraiser available. Van Wyk Confections offers 3 types of $1 fundraising products to meet all your needs: Chocolate Bars, Sweet and Salty Pretzel RODS and Famous Fortune Cookies!  Interested in starting a fundraiser? Click here to get in contact with a Van Wyk Sales Representative today!

Please consider Van Wyk Confections for your fundraising efforts. Our chocolate bars, pretzel rods/twists, fortune cookies, gummies and popcorn are the top fundraising items for schools, groups and organizations. All our confectionery items provide top quality, fresh product that sells quickly and easily!

Contact us today and we will have a Van Wyk Confections sales representative reach out to discuss pricing, profit percentages, recommended quantities needed, minimums and other helpful tools. Happy Fundraising!

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