How It Works

Van Wyk Confections makes fundraising easy. You can start today by going to our Ready to Start page. There you are able to choose your products, determine your quantity and place your order. We will follow up by having one of our distributors contact you promptly.

Van-Wyk-kidsIf need more information first, you can reach us through our Need More Info form or by calling us at 1-888-465-5141.  After we get a little more information from you, we will have one of our professional fundraising distributors contact you. They are experts in helping you determine the best product and quantity needed for your group. Together you will set up a delivery time that suits your needs and go over payment options. They will guide you throughout your entire fundraiser and help you with any questions or problems that may arise.

Read our Fundraising FAQs and Tips for more customer care to your questions.

Social Media Graphics & Fundraising Posters

Social Media Images and School Fundraising Posters

Social media has become the #1 way to market your fundraising campaign. It is common to use social media to share important information about your fundraiser, such as the reason for the fundraiser, the goals and what the money will be used for. Use these images created for our $1 and $2 in-hand sellers to engage a wide audience and help reach your fundraising goals.

We have put together a kit to help with promoting your fundraiser.

Download these fundraising graphics to post on social media during your fundraiser:

  • Facebook Content Images for our $1 and $2 In-Hand Sellers
  • Facebook Cover Images for our $1 and $2 In-Hand Sellers
  • Fundraising Posters (11″ x 17″) for our $1 and $2 In-Hand Sellers

Fundraising Tips

Follow these tips to help you reach your goals:

  • Determine your financial goal – this will help you establish how much product you need to order.
  • Choose a Fundraising sponsor for your event that is organized and excited.
  • Contact us to find a Fundraising Distributor.
  • Use and download our graphics and brochures to create a buzz. Ask your distributor how to insert graphics into your parent letters.
  • Sell! It’s easy by taking your products to events, work, the local grocery store or calling friend and neighbors.
  • Collect your money. Have a predetermined deadline when all proceeds need to be returned to your sponsor.
  • Reward. Give your participants some kind of reward for their efforts. It may be as simple as an ice cream sundae party or an acknowledgement at an assembly. Raising much needed funds for your organization is a worthy cause and should be recognized.

Safety & Courtesy Tips:

Safety needs to be at the forefront of any Fundraiser. Please follow the following safety awareness tips.

  • Sell to people that you already know; family, friends or neighbors.
  • Never sell door to door or enter someone’s home.
  • If selling at an event or grocery store keep cash well stored.
  • Always say “Thank You” whether purchasing or not.
  • Smile, and be polite.


Still have questions? Find your answers below:

By determining your goal you will help the distributor determine which product to use and how much product to order. Your financial goal should be realistic, agreed upon as a whole, well defined and clear. We also run contests and incentives to keep your participants excited about their personal sales. Ask your distributor about more information.
YES!! This may be your first fundraiser or you been doing them for years. Our professional fundraising distributors have the experience and expertise you need when it comes to running your fundraiser smoothly. They will offer advice on how much product you should order and helpful tips and delivery information. If you would like a fundraising distributor to help you with your next campaign, please fill out our Contact Us form and we will have one of them contact you directly.
Anyone. You need only be organized and enthusiastic about your goals. It is a good idea to a have a team of people to help distribute product and track sales records. Communication and follow up is important. Your participants need to know that you are counting on them.
Many of our products are peanut free. Go to our Nutritional Info page to learn more about our production process.
A fundraiser can be run anytime. It is good to approach your group and its supporters at a time when their participation and excitement is high. Many times this may be at the beginning of a season or close to a special event.

The length of a fundraiser can depend on your goals and motivation. A fundraiser that runs 2 to 4 weeks can reach its goals and maintain enthusiasm. It is important to have a specific beginning date and ending date for your fundraiser, to help track records and keep excitement high.

Van Wyk Confections offers a wide range of products that would suit any group’s needs. We offer $.50, $1, $2 and $10 products. Your product selection is determined by the size of the group or the time of the year. We have peanut free products for schools or groups that have those requirements.
Organizations that offer “personalized” labels generally charge high minimums and have long lead times. We have found that people supporting a fundraiser do it to support the group and not because the group’s name is on the product. We offer high quality premium products with a 1 case minimum order. No complications.

The amount of product you order may depend on the enthusiasm of your group and your goals. Typically a group will sell 1 or more cases per participant. With our 1 case minimum order there virtually is no risk for small groups. You simply order 1 case and reorder when it’s sold. Contact Us now for a no-obligation discussion with one of our fundraising professionals who will be able to help you determine your needs.

Your order will arrive in a variety of ways, depending on the size. Smaller orders of 10 cases or less will typically arrive by UPS. For larger orders, delivery will be made by a carrier who brings the product to your location on a pallet. Please try and inspect your delivery for missing or damaged cases. If there are any issues please contact your distributor and any problems will be correctly quickly and efficiently. Chocolate should be stored in a dry, cool area. As it is a food item, it is sensitive to heat and odors.